What Is TICA

TICA is The International Cat Association.  It is to cats what the American Kennel Association is to dogs only on an international level.  Through cat shows, breed registration and many other activities TICA helps preserve and promote the many distinctive cat types.

Merry Rose Cattery Siberian Forest Cats

Why Join TICA

 We are a member of TICA because it is in our opinion the best way of preserving both genetic diversity and pure strains of individual cat types.  While this cattery has not been inspected by and is NOT endorsed by The International Cat Association, Inc. we and others like us are very grateful for what TICA does to preserve the breeding standards that produces such wonderful diversity among cats.  We do not make it a requirement that any of our kitten owners join TICA but we do suggest that if you love your cat supporting its breed and the standards that protect both cat breeders and purchasers of purebred cats would be a good idea.


Why Choose A Purebred

All cats are wonderful.  Not all cats are purebreds and not all purebreds are equal.  Good genetics matter and so does proper care and nurturing while the kitten is developing.  We are a member of TICA and strictly follow all the rules TICA prescribes to ensure that we turn out the best possible kittens for your family and others like it.

For some people what matters is that distinctive Siberian look.  Siberian Forest Cats have a wonderful wild look about them with their tufted ears, thick silky fur, extra-long whiskers and stocky body.  They also have huge kittenish eyes all of their lives.

 For others it is their distinctive personality.  Siberians are one of the friendliest and most loving cats there is.  They do not just love you at feeding time.  They love you all the time.   They love your kids, your dogs and your guests. 

 For others Siberian Forest Cats are literally the only cat the can be around without sneezing or even having asthma attacks.