More Is Better

Always have one more litter box than you have cats.  So if you have one cat have 2 litter boxes.  Two cats need 3 litter boxes.  Also remember to put litter boxes where your cat can get to them easily.  If you have an upstairs and a downstairs put one litter box on each level.

Moving Litter Boxes

Self-cleaning litter boxes are even better than self-cleaning ovens and that is saying a lot.  However when you are a tiny kitten in a new house all they are is scary.  Seriously, look at it from the kitten’s perspective and tell me how the moving rake part doesn’t seem like a scary monster trying to eat you.  Remember one step at a time.  Start with simple old fashioned trays and gradually build up to the fancy electric litter boxes.

Merry Rose Cattery Siberian Forest Cats

Litter Boxes Made Easy

When you receive your kitten it will already be used to using a litter box so there is no training necessary.  What you do need to do is to avoid breaking your cats training. 

Use The Right Litter

In the end it doesn’t matter what litter you use.  What does matter is to start with a clay litter.  Why?  Simple, you do not want to confuse your kitten.  Seems pretty basic doesn’t it.  If all your life you went to the bathroom in a toilet and suddenly there was no toilet you would get confused.  The same is true with your kitten.  We use clay litter in the cattery because young kittens often suffer from infected paws if you use clumping litters.  All its life your kitten has been going to the bathroom on clay litter so if you take away the clay too soon they will not know where to go and accidents can happen.  You can gradually switch over to any litter you choose just go slowly and start by mixing the two litters.

Don’t Invite Disaster

Some things just beg the kitten to cast all its training to the winds and go potty where it shouldn’t be doing its business.  A prime example is dirty laundry.  All those wonderful body odor smells invite the kitten to add its own special smell in the form of urine and later in poop.  The same is true for shoes.  The solution is simple.  Shut the closet door, make the bed and put the laundry in a hamper. 

Plants are another problem spot.  All that nice moist dirt.  I have had really good luck using large stones in the pot on top of the dirt.  Not pea gravel but stones the size of large strawberries.  You can get these at any garden department.  They are sold in large bags to use as stone mulch in gardens.  Because the cat cannot scratch it will not see your planter as a litter box.