Merry Rose Cattery Siberian Forest Cats


Lets face facts kittens climb and explore.  It is a lot easier and safer if you put up all the breakable china figurines and potted plants before something falls and gets broken.  Alternatively, you can put in the time and effort to train your cat about areas that are off limits.  To do this you have to be committed.  First, keep that spray bottle of vinegar water handy.  Second, you need a room for your cat to be safe in when you are away so that she is not getting into trouble when you are not there to watch her.  Third you need to redirect her with safe and fun alternatives.  We will talk about that later on a page concerning making your home a kitten positive environment.

Medicines And Other Poisons

Kitten Proofing Your House

There is nothing more inquisitive than a kitten.  Unfortunately the old expression about curiosity killing the cat can be true so here are a few tips to keep your kitty and your home safe from one another.  We are not suggesting stripping your walls bare, locking the dog out in the yard and sending the kids to Grandma's house until they are in their 20s.  It is neither that difficult nor that demanding to protect you new baby.