Do you ship or deliver?

We are frequently asked if we ship kittens. I am deeply sorry to say we cannot offer to do that for you.  We are located in a very rural part of Virginia and for your comfort are more than happy to meet you in a less isolated location 


We have multiple reasons.

First is the health and well being of the kittens.  Imagine a small frightened kitten, stuck in a box and shoved in the hold of an airplane by airport employees who may or may not be in the mood to take the extra time and care needed to make sure the kitten is comfortable and not afraid.  We have heard horror stories of plastic travel cages melted, of kittens getting chilled, bounced around and bruises, traumatized or left too long in their crates without food and water.  We have even heard stories of animals being lost or stolen in transit.  While all of these incidents are rare that doesn't matter if it is your kitten it happens to and in our hearts we will always be our kittens grandparents worrying for them until they are safely in their new homes.

Our second reason is for your protection.  Some people ship pets exclusively instead of dealing locally.  Have you ever asked yourself why?  The answer is once you pay for a pet sight unseen and have it shipped to your home odds are you are not likely to return it.  Even if you complain you can usually be put off until such time that you are less likely to pay to fly it back to the breeder.  That is not fair to you or the kitten.  We want to deliver your kitten to you so that it has had a safe and relaxing journey but we also want you to be able to see your kitten and know it is healthy and well bred with a good temperament.

Our third reason has to do with allergies.  Because many of our customers are allergic to cats and have chosen Siberian Forest Cats because of their hypoallergenic qualities we find it is best to bring the cats to them as we also have some pet cats who are not Siberians.  All Siberians are bathed and groomed to remove any residual dander they might have picked up in our home before we deliver them so we know we are protecting our customers from the risk of any allergens .

Merry Rose Cattery Siberian Forest Cats