Merry Rose Cattery Siberian Forest Cats

So Lets Talk About Those Rules

For starters we need you to accept that we do not always have kittens ready when you want them.  That is not because we are trying to be controlling or difficult.  It is because we need to make sure we can find good homes for our kittens.  If we always had kittens available then sooner or later we would have homeless kittens and there are already enough homeless kittens in the world.  We are farmers so we have slow seasons and busy seasons and we plan our breedings accordingly.  Another reason we do not have a constant supply of kittens is that we do not wish to over breed our queens.  Imagine if you were constantly pregnant or nursing babies.  It would take a terrible toll on your body.  Our beautiful girls need time to recover and rebuild their strength not just for their own sake but for the sake of the kittens they produce.

Then there is the declawing issue.  Cats need to sharpen their claws and they can be hard on furniture but declawing a cat is not an acceptable solution.  Imagine if someone decided to cut off your fingers at the last knuckle.  It would be painful, debilitating and terrifying, wouldn't it?  That is what happens when a cat is declawed.  Siberian Forest Cats are very intelligent cats and they are easily trained to use a scratching post.  If you catch your kitten scratching on furniture or any other place you do not want it to scratch there is a simple solution... fill a spray bottle with water tinged with just a little vinegar and keep it around to spray her on any such occasions.  This also works for getting upon counter tops, tables and doing other things you do not want her to do.  If you use this simple solution and provide a scratching post you should have no problems.  Under some extreme cases it might be necessary to clip your cat's nails or to have your vet do it for you but in all honest I have never felt the need to do so.  Pets are like children and if you provide them with guidance they will learn to behave.  If you are not home all day with your cat simply provide it with a safe controlled environment when you are away either in the form of a room or a cat play pen.  While these kennels are not acceptable for keeping a cat in all day it is a wonderful solution while you are at work if your cat is destructive.

What about a cat's right to explore and enjoy the great outdoors?  Lets be honest here, you do not really need me to tell you that it isn't a good idea to let your cat go outside where they are in danger of being run over, attacked by dogs, poisoned or stolen.  You also know that cats are wonderful predators and can decimate the population of mice, bunnies and birds.  While there are always tons of new mice and bunnies, song birds are suffering horrible losses and we as cat owners have a responsibility to protect not just our beautiful pets from the world around them but also to protect that world from their urge to play the mighty hunter.  If that is not reason enough let me tell you of the joys of cutting burrs out of a Siberian Forest Cat's fur.  You have seen dogs get them tangled in their fur but that is nothing compared to what happens with a Siberian Forest Cat.  All that soft silky fur wraps itself around the burr and soon there is no escape but to cut off huge chunks of your cats fur.  This process is painful both for the cat and for you.  I promise you that your cat is happier and healthier safely in your home than it will ever be outdoors.

Now let us talk about another mythical right every cat "deserves"... the right to reproduce.  I know it sounds silly of me to say not to declaw a cat but then flip around a full 180 degrees and tell you to neuter them.  There is a reason cats have very strong urges to reproduce and if you deny them the ability to do so it is both stressful and unhealthy.  Much of the acting out done by unneutered cats reflects that frustration.  Let us start with the kitty version of a personals add - spraying your home and everything else with urine.  Then there is the "singing".  If those two wonderful little tidbits are not enough to convince you to do the responsible thing and spay / neuter your cat consider the mind numbing numbers of cats that are euthanized every year or the others left hungry on the streets.  I know many people want their children to experience the wonders of watching the circle of life complete itself but the circle of life also involves death.  Mother cats die giving birth.  Kittens are stillborn or die shortly after being born.  Some are born with birth defects.  That is hard to explain to a child.  Even harder is to explain another part of the circle of nature... mother animals often consume the bodies of their dead offspring both to regain the nutrients and to eliminate the smell of death that would draw predators to the nest.  The reality is that domestic dogs and cats often do so as well.  There are things you do not wish to explain to your child and the circle of life may well be one of them.  Then there is the fact that your child will want to keep all the kittens and let us not forget the cost of breeding kittens.  Have you ever wondered why purebred kittens cost so much?  Because doing it the right way is expensive.  I will on rare occasions - if I think an animal is exceptional - provide a full registration with breeding rights but in most cases I only offer a limited pet registration.  I also charge extra for a full registration.  Anyone receiving a partial or limited registration will only get it after they have sent me a copy of their vet's certification that the cat in question has been spayed / neutered.  Please understand I am not trying to be harsh or controlling.  This is for the good of the breed and your pet.  If breeders were not very careful who they allowed to breed the end result would be inbred, poor quality animals that were not properly cared for because the market would be swamped and nobody could afford to do what it takes to produce quality kittens.

I do not release kittens to their new owners until they are 3 months of age.  I know you can get 6 week old infants from pet stores and pet mills but you need to understand how traumatic that is for the kitten and the bad effect it will have on it later in life.  Most of the behavior problems cats have come from being ripped from their families before they are finished learning how to behave.  Litter box issues, biting and assorted neurotic behaviors can be avoided by allowing your kitten to be with its mother just a few more weeks.  I promise you that a 3 month old kitten is still a kitten.  It is just a healthier, stronger and more emotionally stable kitten who will provide you with more joy and less heartache than one sold too young.

What I promise you...

First your kitten will be healthy, vaccinated, dewormed, socialized, litter trained, tested for Feline Leukemia and Feline Immunodeficiency Virus. 

Your kitten will be well nourished and adapted to eating all sorts of foods.

Your kitten will have learned to sleep by itself occasionally so that when it goes to your home there will be less trauma and sleepless nights for the entire family.

If your kitten has an undetected genetic defect that is discovered once you have taken it home I will replace it with a healthy kitten.  I do not believe this to be a likely event but I want you to have the security of knowing I will not leave you in the lurch.

What I Ask Of You...

Please if you have a problem feel free to write or call me so I can help solve it.

Please as soon as you take your pet home have your own vet check it out so that you know I am as good as my word concerning its health.

If you cannot keep your cat for any reason please let me help you find it a new home.

Everything Comes With Rules...

But would you really want it any differently?  Think about it.  You are spending a lot of money to buy a kitten but you really are not just buying a kitten are you?  You are buying the rules that make your kitten special.  You are buying a purebred cat of good lineage, healthy, happy and well socialized.  You are buying a pet that was both loved and cared for from the day it was conceived (and even before through the care the father and mother received) right up until the day we deliver it to you.  That means we have grown to feel that your pet is our baby and we care about it's future.  As a matter of fact we care about your kitten so much we need to make sure we know it is loved and provided for as it grows up and matures.