Merry Rose Cattery Siberian Forest Cats

Physical Description Of Siberian Forest Cats

I have always admired functional beauty over mere physical attractiveness.  Perhaps that is why I love Siberian Forest Cats so much.  To really appreciate the breed you have to look back over a thousand years to see where its graceful athletic body and intelligent mind come from.

Picture yourself alive a thousand years ago in the ancient Taiga of what is now Russia.  A Taiga is also known as a snow forest so you can picture the cold pine forests in deep winter.  While summers were warm enough to provide you with food to store in the depths of winter every other living thing in the woods wants your small hoard of food.  For you everything must not only carry its own weight but also contribute to the good of your family.  

‚ÄčThis is the environment that produced the Siberian Forest Cat.  Their beautiful silky triple coat puts the fur of other breeds to shame but it is not just ornamental.  The thick winter coat protected them against the harshest winter weather.  Their large muscular bodies and amazing agility allowed them to stand their ground in the face of many of the smaller predators and protect the food stores of their owners.  I have seen my cats make amazing leaps that other breeds of cats could not duplicate.  Those long athletic hind legs give them extra power.  That was enough to make them great hunters and amazing survivors in an environment that would have killed lesser cats but that was not enough to win their way into the homes of the farmers and hunters of that rugged land.

While Siberian Forest Cats have large rugged bodies much like that of the Maine Coon or the Norwegian Forest Cat they are also designed to make you fall in love with them.  Their bodies are composed of rounded lines and curves that beg you to cuddle them.  Their big round eyes seem almost childlike at times.  Their voice trills and coo at you almost musically.  If you were to ask me what one feature I think is the most physically beautiful about Siberian Forest Cats I would have to say it is their tails.  The tail of a Siberian Forest Cat is not just a tail it is a beautiful feathery plume.  They are also wonderfully colorful cats whose coats come in many vivid and beautiful patterns.

Beautiful and athletic are wonderful but as my grandmother used to tell me "looks will get you in the door but then what?"  Admittedly that was her mid 1970's "how to catch a man" speech but the same does hold true with any relationship in any time.  What really matters is personality and Siberian Forest Cats are the queens of personality.  People have described them as the dogs of the cat world but that is not really right.  Siberians are warm, loving and loyal but they are still wonderfully cat like.  They are not loud and brazen as some cats are but they will sit quietly trilling at you waiting for you to pet them or give them a cuddle.  At the end of a long day there is nothing so soothing as to cuddle up with one of my lovely cats on my lap and just stroke their soft fur.  At the same time they are always ready to play even with my rambunctious preschool age daughter.  They are fearless in the face of dogs, loud noises and strangers.  In other words while I would not call them the dogs of the cat world I would say they are the cats for people who thought they were strictly dog people.